Interview: Eddie Ray

Eddie Ray is a director/producer/writer/etc. from Atlanta and worked on one of our favorite films from the 2011 Buried Alive! Film Festival: Satanic Panic: Band Out of Hell. The sequel, Satanic Panic: Battle of the Bands, will be screening at the Atlanta Film Festival on March 27th. Click here for tickets! Take a look at the music video/trailer for Part 2.

DF: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in the Himalayan Mountains with yetis. Just kidding. I wish. Let’s see I have been filming shit since I was like 10 years old and I used to work for Universal (the record label) and now work for Adult Swim in Production. I love horror movies, ghost hunting, transformer toys, buffalo wings, the season of Halloween, limes, dance music, Jem and the Holograms and Icees. I also make movies with over-the-top vulgar characters.

DF: Describe the Satanic Panic series in 11 words or less.

A musical action horror comedy about hot characters fuckin shit up.

DF: What are the inspirations for the films?

I worked in the music industry for a few years and there I realized just how regular musicians were. They get on stage and pretend to be one thing and then come off stage and are just normal people. Like Marilyn Manson, ya know, he is that character on stage then he comes home and puts on shorts and cries and watches Honey Boo Boo or whatever. He is just a person that becomes a character when he performs. Satanic Panic is a band that puts on costumes and sings about Satan but they don’t believe in or even like Satan. It’s just for show and money. They are just regular people, but their acting gets them into trouble. They used to be a Christian band but they didn’t make money doing that so they switched to Satanic and dance. The cartoon Jem and the Holograms also inspired me. Jem was about duality. It was an animated show about a plain Jane girl who turned into this over-the-top pop singer. Then got off stage and had to turn back into a plain Jane girl and pay the fuckin bills. Also in the show there were music videos and songs. I loved that. Even rival bands. Also many horror movies. The “Bad” guys in Satanic Panic are all the Satan worshippers but you sympathize with them the most. They are really the most human and caring characters in these movies. Except that they kill people, but shit they love each other. Also Purple Rain the movie.

DF: Was making the sequel more difficult than with the first film?

Shit yes. Sequels are always harder. They have to be bigger and better than the first one. Not just that, but they have to be different than the first one, it has to take you in new directions or people will get bored. Shit I will get bored. I luckily have a co-writer with me that is smart and funny with shit named Max Fisher. He balances me out. If not I would just go nuts and it may not make sense. Also you have to add more fun characters. So double the cast. Also double the music. Also double the locations. Also double the money. Thank Samhain the cast and crew are amazing and really love doing these movies and believe in me. YAY!!!!!

DF: What does the future hold for this series?

Me and Matt Gallo (he plays B. Elza Bob in the movie) created the idea of Satanic Panic and honestly I knew what would happen in part 2 and 3 while I was writing part 1. So yes hopefully if part 2 does well then there will be a part 3! Yes, we know what happens in part 3 and how it all ends. You do get to see the title for part 3 at the end of part 2! PS THE END OF PART 3 WOULD BE AMAZING! I LOVE HOW IT ALL ENDS!

DF: What other projects are you working on/developing?

Right now I write another web series about a gay horse named SPARKLE HOOVES. People seem to love it. I write it and do the voice for the main character Sparkle Hooves. A friend of mine named Tori Cook animates for it and designs the characters. You can watch his ass here:

Also Max Fisher and I are figuring out our next project right now. It will be horror for sure with over-the-top characters I’m sure. Characters are the most important part of any film. If the characters aren’t fun or cool to start with then what they are doing will not even matter.

DF: Which films are you most looking forward to watching in the near future?

There are movies I want to see coming that could cool or fun, but these are the ones I am excited about for real. I love going to the movies and I write reviews for movies as well.

1. Mad Mad Fury Road- I love apocalyptic films.

2. Insidious 3- I love ghost movies

3. Maze Runner 2- I was shocked I liked the first one and it’s apocalyptic too.

4. Krampus- I love Michael Dougherty

5. Trick r Treat 2- I love Michael Dougherty

!!! Wonder Woman – ummm WONDER WOMAN

Be sure to catch Satanic Panic: Battle of the Bands at the Atlanta Film Festival. To see the first installment click here.

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