Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Released: 1988

Directed by John Carl Buechler

This installment in the series does something that no sequel has accomplished thus far: legitimize Jason’s superhuman presence. Why, you ask? This one opens with a young girl killing her father (in a much less brutal way than expected) with psychic powers. Time passes and she’s now a traumatized teenager returning to the site of the incident as part of her therapy. In a fit of anger, she wills forth who she thinks is her father from the lake; it turns out that she resurrects Jason, again! Adding a second character with supernatural abilities lets the audience know that the film does not take place in the universe we inhabit, making Jason’s antics far more plausible than before.

Wait a tick, when does this film take place? I assumed that Part VI took place in the ‘80s, but between that entry and the present one considerable amounts of time had to have passed. Enough for it to be forgotten that Jason is tied to a rock at the bottom of the lake! In this universe, do the ‘80s last 80 years?

Jason is back from his watery grave to exact revenge… or just slaughter everyone in sight. The death sequences are quite the mixed bag. Most occur off screen and some are the worst the series has seen thus far. There is an excellent scene though where Jason pops up behind a character, grabs him by the head, and punches through him. This one is second only to the icepick to the head.

There is some character development; we discover that not everyone wears their motives on their sleeves, relative to the rest of the series. In the end, we want to see what becomes of the young psychic Tina Shepard. Though this is (gasp!) another new direction (unlike that joke), it does a lot in making the premise easier to swallow, making the series more enjoyable.

The New Blood features the best ending of any of the sequels. It will surely make you say something of the sort “WTF?! In this universe, can bodies not be retrieved from shallow lakes?!”

Rating: 6/10

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