Atlanta Film Festival 2015

James Franco?! Sorry, no James Franco this time.

We at Disturbing Films have done a rather awful job at covering film festivals in the past. Some times it's been a lack of resources; other times we got in over our heads. See the Articles page for an abundance of evidence.

It's been some time since we've provided any festival coverage (nearly two and a half years!), so, when I saw that the sequel to one of our favorite films from the 2011 Buried Alive! Film Festival was to be screened at the academy-qualifying Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF), I had to go back into festival mode. To keep matters manageable, this is the only film we're going to review this time around.

The film I'm speaking of is Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands. We previewed this film with an interview with co-writer/director Eddie Ray earlier this month. Our review will be up in the coming week, so from here on I'm going discuss the festival, venue, etc.

The ATLFF spread its 2015 festival across the city, featuring events at The Goat Farm and the Plaza Theatre, two historic Atlanta venues where we've covered festivals in the past. In line with being a large festival, they hosted events with some pretty great food too!

On Friday evening, we moseyed down to the 7 Stages Theatre, just east of the city. The venue is narrow and cramped, seeming more like a concert site than a theatre, which provides a good contrast to the old flowing curtains of the Plaza Theatre and the modern, urban, hipster look of The Goat Farm. In addition, 7 Stages features a coffee bar/mostly full service bar, which earns it several bonus points in my book.

The atmosphere was superb and felt much more like the small independent horror festivals that I'm accustomed to than one that occasionally reminds everyone of its Oscar-qualifying status. We made the poor decision of sitting at what seemed to be directly under the speakers. This led to some of the music bits in the film feeling like a concert. Given the venue's appearance though, it was more than fitting.

I have only positive things to say about this festival. Obtaining tickets, information, etc. was quite easy. The audience, though a good bit were affiliated with the film, was energetic. In a festival setting, often the audience can either make or break the viewing experience.

Afterward I even got a chance to snap a picture with Eddie (I'm the one in the brown jacket). I must say that it feels nice cover a festival with just a few posts. Check back for more festival coverage coming this September.

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