V/H/S Series

The V/H/S series presumably presents us with a concept that I quite enjoy: a found footage horror anthology with a unifying story. After finishing the third installment, Viral, I’m beginning to feel a bit like the sorry sucker who sat through the first half of Halloween III: Season of the Witch wondering when Michael Myers was going to appear in the shadows. The truth: either we’ve been duped or this series is a trainwreck. I suspect both.

Since there’s no point in watching these shorts in a particular order, I’m going to list the best from each anthology and leave the rest to be forgotten.

Second Honeymoon, Directed by Ti West
The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger, Directed by Joe Swanberg

Safe Haven, Directed by Gareth Evans (this short makes The Sacrament, a decent film, look like a boring documentary)

V/H/S: Viral
Dante the Great, Directed by Gregg Bishop

Unfortunately, I will likely watch the fourth installment looking for the vague appearance of a unifying story. In the meantime, do enjoy a better anthology from this list.

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