Underappreciated Films on Netflix

It's been some time since I've posted a review, so I thought I would plug a handful of films I recently enjoyed from Netflix. By 'underappreciated,' I mean that we have not paid these films their dues with a proper review. The first two you've surely heard of, but the next four have remained under the radar.

Insidious: Chapter 2
The second installment of Insidious retains all of the thrills and chills of the original and develops the story sufficiently where one no longer feels like they are watching a modern-day Poltergeist. Don't worry, the influence from A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Matrix, etc. etc. is still apparent. It also helps that the cast is still excellent.

The Cabin in the Woods
The film is a masterpiece of Horror cinema. If you're well cultured in the Horror genre, prepare to appreciate the hell out of this one. If you're new to the game, spend some time with the classics and come back to this one in a few months. This film blindsided me in a good way; to be honest, I expected something between Cabin Fever and Cube.

A documentary crew stumbles onto an underground military bunker, is pursued by the mysterious Church of Lunology, and may be in the middle of a grand conspiracy. The detail and focus of the storytelling is incredible, and the film contains one of the best explanations of 'deja vu,' second only to The Matrix.

The Conspiracy
Much like Lunopolis, two filmmakers follow the life of a seemingly crazed conspiracy theory activist only to stumble onto the trail of a secret society following his disappearance. The presentation of the 'conspiracy logic' and its seduction is truly gripping and powerful.

Long Pigs
First, a confession: this one is no longer on Netflix. This does not mean that one should not seek it out with great haste. Two filmmakers follow the exploits of a serial killer who feasts on his victims. His mind and past are probed while the filmmakers wrestle with feelings of empathy and immorality.

Mon Ami
Finally, a bloody buddy film that will leave you with a sinister smile. But first, another confession: I viewed Mon Ami at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival in 2012 and have been really lazy about writing this review. Partially, it's because this one is difficult to describe without using too many generic words such as great, fun, entertaining, brutal, etc. I have the same problem with similar films, e.g., Shaun of the Dead. Check this one out ASAP; here is the link.

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