Tokyo Gore Police

Released: 2008

Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura

In a not too distant future, the Tokyo police force has been privatized and is pooling its resources to combat engineers, genetically modified individuals whose wounds transform into conveniently appropriate weapons.

Tokyo Gore Police features the elements one expects from a splatter film: exaggerated characters, gravity defying action, an abundance of death and mayhem, and blood, blood, and more blood. Two particular aspects of the film stand out.

First, a villain is featured who slays his victims by efficiently draining their blood into bottles, dismembering the body, folding the victim's clothes, and neatly placing it into a box. This character is especially appealing given the excessive disorder found throughout the rest of the film.

Second, characters are effectively motivated. Ruka, the officer, dubbed 'hunter,' who is tasked with disposing of engineers, has depth and a story. Even the obsessively orderly villain from above has his place. While a coherent and relevant plot is standard fare for many enjoyable films, it is unexpected from a film whose title obviously doesn't take itself too seriously.

With this being said, many relevant side plots are underdeveloped. Perhaps this is due to the film's runtime, just under two hours; however, this does not excuse providing insufficient closure. At times, this film feels dark, yet, other times, humor prevails. It's not clear that a consistent or, at least, deliberate mood is maintained throughout.

Tokyo Gore Police is an enjoyable film that will satisfy the splatter-fiend and quench the thirst for, well, blood.

Rating: 7/10

This review is part of the Blood Sucking Geek's Ultimate Gore-a-thon 2014.

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