Planet Terror

Released: 2007

Written and Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Planet Terror is Robert Rodriguez’s contribution to the indecent double feature: Grindhouse. At its bare bones, this is an infected film that features a bit of homage, considerable amounts of blood and guts, and lots of fun.

This film’s plot, which is thinly visible, isn’t too important to the overall effect of the film. There’s an outbreak which turns victims into flesh consuming monsters, and several kooky characters band together for survival. Needless to say, this film does not aim to break any ground story-wise.

Beyond the plot, what is apparent is this film’s commitment to excessive exaggerations which are a joy to watch. In this sense, Planet Terror does the 'Grindhouse' label justice: Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense) is a villain; a scientist collects his victims’ testicals; Rose McGowan (Scream, Death Proof) fits a machine gun in place of her amputated leg (which is a rather memorable scene); and an Osama Bin Laden joke is cracked.

While functioning well as a part of the double feature, the full length, standalone cut of Planet Terror lags a bit and, as a result, the audience’s interest is not held as strongly as it could have been. At points before the action begins to build, it seems as though the film is just going through the motions. If it were not for Rodriguez’s stylistic direction, this pacing issue would have cast a much darker shadow on the audience’s final thoughts.

Rating: 6/10

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  1. I've never seen this or Death Proof in anything but the full length home video releases. I've always thought both would probably benefit from shorter presentations as in the theatrical release, but I've never broken down and bought the Bluray that finally presents them in this fashion for home viewing. I'd definitely argue that Death Proof has the more serious pacing issue in the home release, though. Tarantino gets a little too fascinated with his own bellybutton in the extended version of Death Proof.