It's in the Blood

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2012

Directed by Scooter Downey; Written by Sean Elliott and Scooter Downey.

October returns home to his isolated father, the town sheriff, and a broken relationship following the death of his adopted sister. The two venture into the woods with hopes of repairing that bond only to find that something sinister lurks in the countryside. The father falls from a bluff, breaking his leg, which seemingly traps the two alongside this evil.

It’s in the Blood is a psychological thriller that focuses heavily on the character development between the father and son and less so on a cohesive plot, a bit like Antichrist. With that being said, the backstory is well constructed and, through the application of flashbacks, is presented to the audience in grisly detail. The film is bogged down a bit when the story begins to move forward as the ending is either not quite clear or isn’t really there at all.

This film is visually appealing and features a rather gruesome leg break scene. The effect progresses throughout the film and becomes increasingly painful for the audience, moreso psychologically than physically. The creatures that roam the woods are unexpectedly scary and will likely catch the audience off guard.

It’s in the Blood remains an effective thriller despite its somewhat weak ending. The mix of simplicity with keeping the number of characters low and the strong focus on development keeps the audience interested allows them to care about the characters.

Rating: 7/10

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