First Glimpse: Sightseers

Directed by: Ben Wheatley

Release Date: US, TBD. UK, 30 November 2012

Ever wonder what a cross between Severance and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles might be like? Do you appreciate the off-kilter English humour that none of your friends understand? If you live in the United Kingdom, you’re in luck! If you’re in the same boat as I am, start writing to IFC films and urge them to set a release date for Sightseers. Back in May, IFC announced it would be picking up the distribution rights to the film the same week it debuted in Cannes, but the company has yet to set a North American release date despite great advance reviews for the black comedy/horror hybrid.

Sightseers chronicles terminally awkward couple Chris and Tina as they pack up the caravan and set out to enjoy a holiday of British sights and scenery. You never truly know someone until you’ve been on vacation with them, and, as they leave behind a trail of corpses, what Chris and Tina find out about themselves and their fellow travelers looks to be exceedingly dark as well as funny. Wheatley directed 2011’s Kill List which earned generally good reviews as a thoughtful, novel horror film, and the producer here is Edgar Wright, the same fella who directed Shaun of the Dead and produced Attack the Block. Films like Slither, Fido, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil have already shown us that comedy and horror can be successfully combined to make a great film. But Sightseers looks to reach a little further: Chris and Tina wrestle with contempt for fellow man, falling in love in the face of shock and disgust, and the pleasure of succumbing to violent desires. The combination of all these elements reminds me of In Bruges, which conjoined comedy, violence, and introspection into one hell of a film. Sightseers is keenly anticipated over here in the states!


By Kiki McGraw

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