The Buzz

By Casey Hoots

Released: 2011

Written and Directed by Kumar Vellal

The Buzz is a 9 minute thriller short directed by Kumas Vellal, which isn't all that thrilling, more along the lines of annoying. The buzzing sound throughout the movie is enough to have driven the actor mad. To some degree, it leaves you wondering what in the world is going on, and why this is happening anyway. Nine minutes was not enough time to accurately portray the mood the filmmakers wanted.

The film begins with a man digging around his apartment for a persistent buzz that is clearly a nuisance. After several minutes of searching and drilling holes in his walls, he decides the best fix is to block the sound out with gauze wrappings and tape, only to discover the sound has been in his head the entire time.

Rating: 3/10

This Film was screened at the 2012 Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

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