Revenge of the Sandman and the Festival That Never Was

By Brett Mullins

A few months ago, we caught wind of the Halloween Fan Film Festival hosted at This month-long event was made to showcase a small number of the best short and feature length Halloween fan films and to promote the re-release of Halloween in theaters all throughout the month of October. The selected films would have the opportunity to retain a permanent spot on the official Halloween website.

Being the festival friendly lot we are at Disturbing Films, we intended to provide somewhat of a coverage of the month-long event; however, once the announcement of the selected films was made, we received the following message: “We apologize to all the filmmakers and fans looking forward to the Fan Film Festival, but we are sad to announce we are unable to screen the films as planned due to forces out of our control.” Since the festival is now out of the picture, we decided to showcase one particular film that we got the chance to view and put up links to a few others that we know of.

Halloween: Revenge of the Sandman
Directed by Ron McLellen; 60 Min.

Revenge of the Sandman is an uneven film that pays homage to the original franchise in unexpected ways. The audience sees Michael in a different mask, pursued by a different doctor, but with the same old, yet effective tricks. The performance of John Paul Kakos as Rachel Strode's little brother Mark is outstanding. I would have loved to see the film focus more on his character.

This film was made just an hour north of where Disturbing Films is headquartered which made the anticipation of watching it that much more exciting. In addition, the film features the proprietor of Rotten Rusty's Haunted House (one of our favorites!), Rusty Smith, as The Shape/Michael.

Halloween Awakening: The Legend of Michael Myers
Directed by Michael Leavy; 47 Min.

Halloween Awakening is meant to be the ninth entry in the Halloween franchise and picks up where things left off following Halloween: Resurrection. It'll be interesting to see how they reconcile the Cult/H20 story lines!

Legends 2: A Halloween Tale
Directed by Gerald J. Godbout III; 85 Min.

Legends 2 takes place as John Tate attempts to move on with his life.  As Halloween night nears, he is confronted by his half-sister and warned that Michael will be back to kill again.


  1. We hope you enjoyed the film. Thanks for the headline.

  2. Those ones were pretty good. I found one that was awesome too Really liked the music and acting in this one. And the story was quick and to the point. Too bad this festival never ended up happening.