By Casey Hoots

Released: 2011

Written and Directed by Kent Kitzman

Predator/Prey is a 12 minute thriller short directed by Kent Kitzman. This short hits on several levels of creepy and uncomfortable and is sure to have you saying WTF! It gives an example of a situation that can occur at summer camps every year. As for the production, it is done well enough to show the possibility of becoming a full length feature.

The film starts you off at a summer camp with a camp counselor teaching a young girl to swim; however, you can immediately tell that this is no ordinary teacher/student relationship. This counselor has something else on his mind other than swimming lessons. When he invites her to come to his cabin that night, he quickly discovers that he's not the only one interested and runs into a little more trouble than he can handle.

If a good vengeance killing is your kind of thing, this is definitely one to check out.

Rating: 6/10

This Film was screened at the 2012 Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

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