Nosferatu at The Goat Farm

By Brett Mullins

The Goat Farm Arts Center was abuzz last Thursday night, October 25th, for a showing of Nosferatu. The German classic was brought to life by an unorthodox live score, composed and performed by Felipe Barral. The composition featured a mix of a specially tuned guitar, ghostly vocals, bass, and drums.

The Goodson Yard was eerily lit as usual and allowed for a surreal atmosphere to build. The several rows of seating, while rather uncomfortable, were inadequate for the crowds of people that continued to spill in to sit wherever space was available until the event commenced around 9:30. As the lights dimmed, the performers remained lit by a couple of strategically placed lamps on the ground, which complemented the growing tension.

For all of its quirky and creepy moments, Nosferatu was outshined by the musical performance. There were several instances where I found my gaze wandering from the screen to the musicians. This is not to say that the music did not compliment the film well; the drums and vocals especially were able to flesh out much of the tension that is inherently limited by the lack of sound.

This event was open free to the public and, according to Barral, will be back next Halloween! This is an event that is not worth missing the next time it rolls around if you’re a fan of horror, film, or just about any entertainment, actually.

The Goat Farm Arts Center was host to the 2012 Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

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  1. Thank you so much, Brett & Disturbing Films, for this review of the event. I do appreciate and I'm glad you came : ) See you in 2013 with Nosferatu and other events involving silent films : )
    Felipe Barral