Innocence, Do Not Enter His World.

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2012

Directed by Jean-Christophe Savelli; Written by Raphael Bertin

Innocence, Do Not Enter His World. a French zombie psychological thriller, which puts this film in a rather uncommon category. This is a difficult film to explain as the pull of ambiguity in the interconnected pieces is integral to the overall effectiveness of the film. A squad of soldiers awake in warehouse infested with the living dead. As they fight their way out, they come to find that things are not quite as they appear.

Despite an interesting premise, the film is underdeveloped so that the weight of the conclusion is hindered by the audience trying to keep up with the story.

Innocence features the most in depth ‘Man vs. Zombie’ fight scene I’ve ever seen. In an open room with half a dozen soldiers armed to the teeth, one soldier battles against a zombie MMA style. The fight scene is brutal, depicting the zombie with considerable speed and strength. The fight went on for nearly three minutes of the nineteen minute short.

Innocence offers an interesting idea and a good fight scene but not much else.

Rating: 5/10

This Film was screened at the 2012 Atlanta Horror Film Festival. 

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