First Glimpse: Resolution

Release date: Early 2013

Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

A good story-teller will say that truth is stranger than fiction. A good comedian will tell you the funniest jokes are based in everyday reality. A good liar will tell you to weave a little honesty in with your deceptions. In my opinion, some of the most chilling films are made on the principle of “it could happen to you.”

Benson is also the screenwriter here, serving up a plot that seems simple enough: Michael’s best friend Chris has bottomed out with his meth addiction, and Michael hopes to sober him up. However, the trailer shifts quickly and the viewer’s equilibrium is set off balance just as much as the characters in the film: Michael’s intervention tactics are a little hostile, clues to a story are being left for Chris and Michael, and both of their mental states are being called into question.

I dislike films that give the viewer all the answers beforehand and expect us to empathize while the people onscreen struggle. As a tool, it’s so much more effective to leave the viewer in the dark and let us discover alongside the characters. Resolution seems like it will do this, and I hope I’m right. I appreciate films like this because they broaden the genre. Not all horror films are grisly and consist of a series of jump scenes. Some of the best are a slow burn that will make you paranoid for days and I hope that is what Resolution brings to the table.


By Kiki McGraw

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  1. I completely agree with your thoughts on fear. If it could really happen to us, it certainly is scarier! Also, it seems today's audiences don't appreciate a slower paced films and that's a shame!