First Glimpse: The American Scream

Air date: 28 October 2012, Chiller channel (check your satellite provider).

Directed by Michael Stevenson

If Halloween is your Christmas, please check out this funny little doc from the director of Best Worst Movie. Stevenson follows three Halloween uber –fans and their families as they prepare for the biggest night of their lives. Any kid who grew up as a fan of horror spent their Halloweens dodging through neighborhood haunted houses – some were terrible, some were professional, but they were all scary because of the spirit of the holiday. Here, Stevenson has found a few regular Joes who never lost that spirit and bring it back to their communities year after year. This director seems to really have a talent for finding these real-life characters who show us something and say, “Here’s what I do; it’s not great, but it has heart and that’s what makes it better.” Don’t be a Grinch… watch it and get in the mood to dress up and be scared.


By Kiki McGraw

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