Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2012: Thriller Shorts 1

By Brett Mullins

The Stolen
"During its six minute runtime, the audience is witness to interesting visuals that appear to be hinting at a story but none seems to be present...[it] looks like something I would enjoy watching, especially with the dark attire of the ‘Fairy Queen’ combined with the inherent creepiness of young children." 5 Min. 2012
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"As mystery and tension is prompt by the appearance of the stain, the audience begins to form a relationship with Geert...Macula accomplishes a great deal in terms of character development and emotion in its eleven minute runtime" 11 Min. 2011
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187: The McKenna Murders
"187: The McKenna Murders is an illustration of the overdone state of the found footage genre...though this film is rather generic, it leaves the audience in a bit of a cliffhanger, wondering what will happen next." 16 Min. 2011
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What They Say
"What this film fails to do is to make the audience care about the main character. If the audience doesn’t care whether our protagonist lives or dies, then it’s difficult to convey any strong sense of emotion." 17 Min. 2011
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The Thriller Shorts 1 block is followed by the I'm a Survivor? Shorts block in the Rodriguez Room of the Goat Farm Arts Center. Click here to view the reviews for the I'm a Survivor? Shorts.

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