Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2012: Thriller Shorts 2

By Brett Mullins

The Thriller Shorts 2 block was the second to be shown in the Goodson Yard at the Goat Farm Arts Center. Following the End of It All shorts block, the majority of the crowd vacated the room, and we were left with just a few viewers and the constant screeching from the trains outside. Unfortunately for those who left, this is the only block thus far that has received only positive reviews!

"Augenblicken is a smart short film that presents the audience with several conflicting tension builds, the realities conflict increasingly so, which produces a conclusion is well placed." 19 Min. 2011

Nowhere Road
"Nowhere Road is able to stretch its 14 minute runtime to basically include a plot for a full length feature and manage not to feel cramped. This film is both clever and simple; yet, it is able to completely baffle and shock the audience." 13 Min. 2011
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The Graveyard Shift
"...the characters are developed so to misdirect the audience. This is an effective technique grabs the audience’s attention...once the action heats up, the special effects are executed well." 20 Min. 2012
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"This film is technically sound. The wardrobe, however, is especially excellent; this is not a common trait among horror/thrillers. The story is unique enough and will make the audience think." 22 Min. 2012

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