Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2012: Foreign Shorts

By Brett Mullins

The Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2012 opened to a nearly empty theater in the Rodriguez Room of the eerie Goat Farm Arts Center. This two hour block of foreign shorts features a diverse mix of genres, from Zombies to Exorcisms, that were more creepy and funny than suspenseful.

Innocence, Do Not Enter His World.
"Innocence features the most in depth ‘Man vs. Zombie’ fight scene I’ve ever seen...[it] is brutal, depicting the zombie with considerable speed and strength..." 19 Min. 2012
Rating: 5/10

"Baby-Sitting excels in the effects department with several instances of well executed practical gore: throats being slashed with blood spraying, an axe to the face, and a face being cooked into bacon like strips." 20 Min. 2012
Rating: 6/10

"If the storytelling was easier to follow, then the film would have been overly simple and generic, without much of a plot to be found. With the vagaries and confusion present, however, keeping a handle on the sequence of events is quite a task." 10 Min. 2012
Rating: 3/10

Is There Anybody Out There?
"This short features an unsettling scene where the seemingly germaphobic main character is wiping down the seat of an unfortunate looking toilet. This toilet is so disgusting that it is sure to induce cringing or, for a squeamish audience, even gagging." 10 Min. 2012
Rating: 2/10

Little Death
"A young woman is brutally slain by a sadistic killer who drains her body into a tub and bathes in the blood. Little Death finds its inspiration from Elizabeth Báthory, a Hungarian noble known as ‘Blood Countess’ who was accused of butchering hundreds of young girls in the early 17th Century." 9 Min. 2011
Rating: 4/10

The Face
"While out on a jog, a young woman encounters death personified and attempts to escape her fate...The production quality ranges from amateur to excellent. A select few moments are painful to watch..The majority of the twelve minute short, however, is well done." 12 Min. 2012.
Rating: 7/10

"A phoney Austrian exorcist visits the frigid home of a German family to investigate some abnormal sightings...Teufelsnacht remains an effective and clever short that provides a few spooks." 15 Min. 2012
Rating 7/10
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The Foreign Horror Shorts were followed by the Thriller Shorts 1 Block in the Rodriguez Room. Click here to continue to the next block of reviews from Day 1.

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