Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2012: The End of It All Shorts

By Brett Mullins and Casey Hoots

The End of It All Shorts were the first block held in the Goodson Yard at the Goat Farm Arts Center. This venue featured a larger screen, better sound, warmer atmosphere, and a series of trains that screeched by not more than a few yards behind the building. Director James B. Cox of Grey Matter, director L. Gustavo Cooper of Velvet Road (from the I'm a Survivor? Shorts block), and director Nathan Fisher of 109 were in attendance and followed up their films with a Q&A session.

The Buzz
"[The Buzz] isn't all that thrilling, more along the lines of annoying. The buzzing sound throughout the movie is enough to have driven the actor leaves you wondering what in the world is going on, and why this is happening anyway." 9 Min. 

"This short hits on several levels of creepy and uncomfortable and is sure to have you saying WTF!..As for the production, it is done well enough to show the possibility of becoming a full length feature." 12 Min. 

Grey Matter
"For those not familiar with the Stephen King short, the ending will bring about both amazement and confusion...Tyler Chase delivers an excellent performance as the lead and does much in getting the audience to care about the story." 17 Min. 2010

"Zion proves to be a rather grim and shocking tale nevertheless. Despite the ambiguities in the plot, the audience is moved by the gravity of the actions of this rural family." 32 Min. 2011

"109 is a quirky film that illustrates that effective cinema need not have much of a cohesive story at all...[it] is beautifully pieced together and features an unique feel. It suffices to say that this a film that needs to be seen to understand." 12 Min. 2011

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