187: The McKenna Murders

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2011

Written and Directed by Nicole Warner

187: The McKenna Murders is an illustration of the overdone state of the found footage genre. Main characters find an excuse for making a home movie, then something bad happens, and they catch it all on film. Further, the film takes itself a bit too seriously in employing the technique of displaying the recycled “...if you have any information, please contact the authorities...” to further the realism of the film.

Allison documents her first pregnancy with a video journal. While painting a room with her husband Josh, the couple is attacked by two seemingly psychotic criminals just looking for a good time.

Though this film is rather generic, it leaves the audience in a bit of a cliffhanger, wondering what will happen next. This genre has a way of connecting the audience to the characters so that they want to know what's in store for these characters.

If The McKenna Murders introduces an original theme and drops the Paranormal Activity treatment, then I wouldn’t mind watching a feature length version of the film. With that being said, this short is too recycled and will likely bore the audience.

Rating: 4/10

This Film was screened at the 2012 Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

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