Blood and Donuts

By Mike Spain

Released: 1995

Directed by Holly Dale

Blood and Donuts sounds like a cheesy vampire movie; however, it ended up being more of a comedy than horror. The film delivers some laughs but the screams are lacking and fortunately the cheese is lacking too! The story is about a vampire named Boya who is awakened in Toronto in the 1990’s after going to sleep when man landed on the moon. Boya becomes romantically attracted to Molly who works in a donut shop. Now that he is awake, Boya attracts his old flame Rita. If the two women are not enough, Boya gets in the middle of a cab driver and some low level criminals. The story was creative enough to earn a Best Original Screenplay nomination for Andrew Rai Berzins at the Genie Awards.

Unlike most vampires Boya satisfies his blood hunger on rats, bats, pigeons, and other animals instead of feeding on people. At one point he compares it to an addiction like eating donuts. During the story, we also find out Boya can’t be killed by driving a stake through his heart or blasting a hole through him with a shotgun. The movie might not scare you; although, there are some gross scenes with Boya eating various rodents. This is to be expected; 'blood' is in the title, and it is a vampire movie.

Horror buffs will appreciate the appearance of David Cronenberg as the crime boss. Cronenberg is a director, writer, actor who is known as the Baron of Blood. Helen Clarkson was nominated for a Genie Award for her acting as Molly. She delivers a strong performance and is quite attractive for someone working in a donut shop. Fiona Reid delivers a solid performance as the old love interest that has aged 25 years. Justin Louis delivers some laughs as Earl the cab driver. Gordon Currie, as Boya, doesn’t seem attractive enough to have two love interests; I suppose it is his vampire magnetism at work.

Blood and Donuts was not a hit at the box office; however, the movie was good enough to be nominated for three Genie Awards. I was expecting worse based on the title; perhaps this movie was overlooked 17 years ago. The film relies more on the acting and is not filled with a lot of special effects giving a low budget, independent vibe to it. Blood and Donuts is definitely a movie worth watching if you can find it.

Rating: 6/10

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