Guest Review: Vampyres by Mansion of the Macabre

By Mansion of the Macabre

Director: José Ramón Larraz
Writers: Diana Daubeney, Thomas Owen (story).
Stars: Marianne Morris, Anulka Dziubinska and Murray Brown.

Vampyres is a beautifully stylized and erotic Horror Film. It was absolutely enjoyable and has every element for a great genre classic. Beautiful cinematography, a great story, eerie soundtrack, good acting and endless amounts of nudity and blood. This film was so well done that its hard to believe that it was made nearly 40 years ago! It is very well produced and shows not a wrinkle of cinematic antiquity.

Vampyres takes place in the English Countryside. A couple named John and Harriet (Brian Deacon and Sally Faulkner) are on a camping Holiday when they pass a mysterious woman (Marianne Morris) hitchhiking and another strange woman (Anulka Dziubinska) hiding behind a tree. The dark presence of the two strange women give Harriet an eerie feeling that she can't shake. John and Harriet set up camp near an abandoned estate to do some fishing and painting.

Meanwhile a man named Ted (Murray Brown) checks into a local Inn. The Innkeeper is convinced that Ted has stayed there many years earlier though he says the man is mistaken. Ted eventually picks up the mysterious hitchhiker who introduces herself as Fran. She leads him back to the abandoned estate and gets him drunk on red wine and seduces him. He awakens the following morning with a very deep gash in his arm and stumbles upon the campers looking for help. Harriet inquires Ted about the two woman but his answers are vague and Ted returns to the Manor looking for Fran.

Fran and her lover Miriam turn out to be Vampires who pick up men while hitchhiking and return them to the abandoned manor where they sexually seduce them then feed on their victims blood. All except for Ted whom Fran can't bring herself to kill. Ted, John and Harriet all become inexplicably connected to the Vampiric lesbians. As the story spirals into a frenzy of sex and blood as well as an unexpected twist ending.

This film was incredible. José Ramón Larraz's Cinematography was dark and perfectly Gothic for a film of this caliber, and the eerie soundtrack completed the overall ambiance of the film. Great ride, I recommend Vampyre's to all Horror fans and especially the individuals that are into Gothic Vampire stories and eroticism.

~The Caretaker

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