Guest Review: Vampire's Kiss by Mansion of the Macabre

By Mansion of the Macabre

Director: Robert Bierman
Writer: Joseph Minion
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Maria Conchita Alonso and Jennifer Beals.

Last night I finally had the opportunity to see the 1980's Nicolas Cage film Vampire's Kiss. I am a fan of Mr. Cage and have been looking forward to seeing this film for some time, It would seem that the quirky and offbeat script was written specifically for Nick Cage's unique style. The story was not all encompassing and felt rather patched together at certain points. However Cage's outrageous performance makes Vampire's Kiss well worth watching.

Vampire's Kiss is the story of Peter Loew (Nicolas Cage), a yuppie literary agent living in New York City. The film opens with Peter at his weekly Psychologist appointment. He is telling his Doctor about his typical one night stands and clubbing lifestyle. We can already tell that Peter has a very eccentric personality and is in therapy for a reason.

On one of Peter's night outs he brings home Rachel (Jennifer Beals). Apparently Rachel turns out to be a Vampire and bites Peter. Driving his already neurotic personality into second gear. Peter Loew throughout the rest of the film dives deeper and deeper into the shadows of insanity and supposed Vampirism.
(In a way that only Nicolas Cage could deliver to mad film perfection.) Is he really a Vampire? Or just plain nutso? His psycho ravings terrify his secretary and even his Psychologist.

Eventually Peter's Psychosis becomes so extreme that he finds himself wandering the streets of New York City covered in blood, wearing plastic Vampire teeth, and begging random people to kill him with the wooden stake he is dragging.

This film is not for everyone. But if you enjoy quirky, offbeat and darker films. I would recommend it. Especially if you enjoy Nick Cage at his most crazy. Oh, and whats with Peter's accent?

~The Caretaker


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