Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2012

Directed by Richard Schenkmarn

If you’re at least somewhat familiar with The Asylum, then it’s likely that you were not expecting much from Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. It suffices to say that most of their films warrant the term ‘craptastic.’ With that being said, this mockbuster is surprisingly good, even though the typically bad Asylum elements are present.

After fighting a zombie outbreak in his youth, Honest Abe takes the task upon himself and a handful of secret service men to confront a possible outbreak that may turn the tide of the Civil War.

This film will likely appeal to audiences due to the sheer absurdity of the title and satire-esque premise. Once the film begins, however, a story emerges that is quite engaging. There’s mystery, double crosses, side plots, and even comical historical references!

Lincoln is portrayed well by Bill Oberst Jr. (Take This Lollipop) who steals the show, so to say. It is by no means a stretch to say that Oberst Jr.’s Lincoln was superior to that of the film’s vampire counterpart. To a large extent, the rest of the cast was sub-par with few exceptions.

It would not be an Asylum film if it did not from time to time include completely obnoxious visual effects. These include but are not limited to cheesy explosions, guns firing with no recoil or movement of the hammer, and strangely animated blood splatters.

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is not better or worse than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; it’s simply a different type of film that follows the same basic storytelling structure.

Rating: 6/10

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  1. Funny how The Asylum knocks off nearly every mainstream horror film and releases it either right before, or with, the mimicked film's release.