By Brett Mullins

Altered (2006) Pictures, Images and PhotosReleased: 2006

Directed by Eduardo Sanchez

Armed with a shotgun, a spear gun, and a crossbow, three rednecks track and capture an alien. They bring their prey to the house of an old friend with whom a troubled relationship exists. We soon learn that these four individuals were abducted and now seek revenge.

Judging by the premise alone, this film could have easily been a horror comedy. The opening scenes reflect this as it leaves the audience somewhat confused as to how they should feel. The film, however, quickly takes a serious turn, which builds tension and inspires horror.

Altered features the direction of Eduardo Sanchez, one of the writer/directors of The Blair Witch Project. This probably explains for the strange elements and uniqueness of the film.

The story is quite interesting and is filled with twists and turns. One of the three from the film’s opening, Cody, is an annoyance throughout the entire film and could have easily been played by Kid Rock. He is one of those characters that the audience hopes will die soon.

Altered builds a strong, original story which appears difficult to accomplish in the Alien sub-genre.

Rating: 7/10

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