Prom Night (1980)

By Brett Mullins

1980 PROM NIGHT Pictures, Images and PhotosDirected by Paul Lynch

Six years ago, a young girl died as a result of four bratty kids being, well, bratty. A man with a troubled past is wrongly harassed and committed to an institution for the act. Now, it’s prom night and the sixth year anniversary of the girl’s death. As prom begins, an unknown individual takes revenge on the four that were responsible.

Prom Night is a rather strange slasher film. The film builds for nearly an hour before the action begins, which only lasts for the final twenty-five or so minutes. This film appears to lack depth; however, as things progress after the action begins, a deeper plot emerges. 

The acting was painfully average; though only so because of the better performances of Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Robert Silverman. It was especially odd to see Leslie Nielsen’s performance as the high school principal and Curtis’ father.
Compared to typical slashers, the antagonist in Prom Night differs somewhat. Though they lurk around in the shadows killing off characters much the same, this killer is less precise and appears not to be unstoppable. It’s only through the incompetence of the would-be victims that they do not get away. Further, the audience is able to sympathize largely with the killer’s motives and such. 

Prom Night proved to be an interesting watch; however, it is difficult to get over how strange this film is, all around.

Rating: 6/10

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