The Horde

By Justin Hamelin

Directed by: Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher

When a police detective is executed by a ruthless gang, four fellow detectives storm deep behind enemy lines to avenge the death of their companion and friend. When the group begins to put their plan of blood-thirsty revenge to work, it becomes obvious quite quickly that the bloodshed has just begun. The cops with shady ethics and the dirt bag gangsters soon realize they must work together to survive against the ferocious undead. Zombies have converged on the high-rise apartment complex the groups are on the top floor of. After clashing and butting heads (as cops and gangsters are wont to do), the two groups hatch a plan to get to the ground level of the building, understanding that this is their only chance for survival.

‘The Horde’ is packed with fun gore, bad ass zombie whoopin’, and one of my favorite ‘man-versus-zombies’ sequences in movie history. Jean Pierre-Martins, who plays the volatile Ouessem, puts his rugby and street fighting skills to the best use imaginable in order to save his fellow comrades. If you don’t want to go out and punch a zombie in the face after watching this scene, you are simply not human. (You may already be undead!)

One thing that particularly stuck with me about The Horde was the ending. While I initially groaned at the outcome, within a minute or two I was applauding the directors for giving us a film that tells us “wrong is wrong, even in a world infested with zombies.”

If you’re a fan of zombie flicks and don’t mind reading subtitles (the film is French), check out The Horde, if for nothing else but the awesome zombie-busting scene.

My Grade: 7/10

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