Guest Review: Dead & Breakfast by Mansion of the Macabre

By Mansion of the Macabre

Dead & Breakfast (2) Pictures, Images and PhotosWritten and Directed by Matthew Leutwyler
Starring: Ever Carradine, Gina Philips, Erik Palladino, and Bianca Lawson

Dead & Breakfast is a 2004 Zombie Comedy/Musical. Six friends, Christian (Jeremy Sisto), David (Erik Palladino), Kate (Bianca Lawson), Johnny (Oz Perkins), Sara (Ever Carradine), and Melody (Gina Philips), are traveling in an RV to their friends wedding in Galveston, TX. They are running late and become lost so they decide to stay at a Bed and Breakfast in a little town called Lovelock. The film is narrated through music by one of the towns locals (Zach Selwyn), which offers a very unique feel and highly entertaining technique. 

The B&B is owned by the enigmatic Mr. Wise, played by none other than David Carridine. After doing drugs David is very loopy and insults the chef causing him to become angry. Later in the night, David awakens from his drug induced nap and wanders into the kitchen to find something to eat. Johnny follows and turns on the light to reveal the chef has been brutally murdered. David freaks out and swears to Johnny that he did not do it. When the friends regroup and attempt to wake up Mr Wise, they discover that he too has died of a heart attack. They are unable to call for help because the phone is out so David rides into town on a borrowed motorcycle to notify the local sheriff. The Sheriff (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and his Deputy, Enus (Mark Kelly), immediately suspects someone in the group is the killer so he takes away the keys to the RV and orders everyone to stay in town until he can sort it all out. 

There is also a mysterious drifter in town (Brent David Fraser) who becomes the prime suspect and is arrested. He warns Sara and Christian that Mr Wise was in possession of an ancient wooden box called the Kuman Thong. Which is cursed with an ancient evil. Sara remembers seeing it back at the B&B. While Christian and Sara are at the Sheriffs office the rest of the group wanders to the local "hodown" looking for a drink. Meanwhile Johnny gets locked out of the Inn and climbs up the gardeners ladder to get through a window. In doing so he unleashes the ancient evil from the "Kuman Thong Thang" which possesses him and causes him to become a cold blooded killer. Not just any killer either. You see, everyone Johnny murders becomes a Zombie Minion that does whatever he tells them too. Meanwhile back in downtown Lovelock, Christian and Sara are talking with the local historian and librarian who explains to them that she witnessed Mr Wise performing a dark ritual in the cemetery using the remains of his infant son. Christian and Sara arrive back at the barn where all the townsfolk have gathered for the "hodown" as does Johnny and his undead minions! A massive blood bath takes place as everyone starts becoming Zombies including the musical narrator. 

Dead & Breakfast is a very unique and entertaining film. Not all that scary but intentionally campy and hysterically funny. I highly enjoyed the musical interpretation and the zombie dance sequence during the climax, that was like something from Michael Jackson's Thriller. This is one of my favourite Zombie films and I highly recommend it to anyone. I have never seen another horror comedy like it.


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