Genesis (1998)

By Brett Mullins

Released: 1998

Written and Directed by Nacho Cerdà

Genesis is a thirty minute short that features no dialogue. Haunted by the untimely death of his wife, a sculptor constructs a stone replica in her image. This sculpture exhibits unusual properties that test the beliefs of this obsessive artist.

Director Nacho Cerdà presents this strange tale with stunning visuals, which are emphasised by the lack of dialogue. Despite this, the sculptor’s emotions were conveyed perfectly to the audience though the acting of Pop Tosar and the wonderful score. 

An element that plagues both short and silent films is ambiguity, which is quite prevalent in Genesis. Generally speaking, an effective plot must have some level of ambiguity. Films that exploit this element and leave the audience clueless as to what exactly they have just viewed are often examples of premature actualizations or just sloppy script writing. For further examples, see Eraserhead.

Being a short, Genesis can somewhat wiggle out of this condition while remaining to be an effective and interesting film.

Rating: 6/10

Editor's Note: This film is separate from the short Aftermath, also from Cerdà. These two are often considered the same film as a result of being packaged together in a compilation of the director's work.

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