Survivor Type

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2011

Directed by Chris Ethridge; Story by Stephen King

Survivor Type is a thirty minute short adapted from the Stephen King short story that has previously been considered unfilmable. Richard wakes on a small island surrounded by a sea of nothingness. While stranded, he reflects upon his deeply troubled life and ponders on how he arrived on the island.

Clocking in around one third of the standard feature run time, this film is able move the audience and provides a considerable amount of depth. What is completely unexpected, however, even for a Stephen King adaptation, is the subtle, disturbing elements that led one reviewer to describe this film as “the evil doppelganger of Tom Hanks’ CAST AWAY.”

Around the board, the cast and production team does a top notch job. Jens Rasmussen portrays Richard convincingly and sells the premise of the film. A second noteworthy performance is Allen O’Reiley’s Father Hailly, who comes into the story through a series of flashbacks.

Survivor Type is a captivating film and is over far too quickly!

Rating: 8/10

This film was screened at the 2011 Buried Alive! Film Festival.

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