Halloween H20

By Brett Mullins

Released: 1998

Directed by Steve Miner

Halloween H20 is the first film to star Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode since the second film in the series. It is also the first Michael Myers film not to feature Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Loomis. Without Loomis’ presence (and the fact that this film ignores the Thorn storyline of Halloween IV-VI), Halloween H20 feels like nothing more than the producers capitalizing on the twentieth anniversary of this series.

This Halloweeen film has little to do with Michael Myers. Instead, it focuses on how Laurie copes with this tragic event in her past. In the years that followed that night in 1978, Laurie faked her death, so to protect herself and her son if Michael ever came after her once more.

This is not to say that Halloween H20 is all bad; there are several elements that were missing from the previous entries in the film. The most prevalent of which is Michael’s discretion regarding killing. During the Thorn storyline, it appeared that Michael was growing progressively violent. Consider the first film to the farm party and barn scene in The Revenge of Michael Myers: Michael went out of his why to murder when it didn’t seem to fit with his objective. In this film, Michael’s victims are more clear and developed.

It was also nice to see Laurie Strode back in the story; it just quickly became annoying hearing her whine about ‘her brother’ again and again. This film appears to be an attempt to pull the series back to its roots, toot Jamie Lee Curtis’s horn and cash in on one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history.

Rating: 4/10


  1. Well, the producers of the films were always trying to cash in on Michael Myers. I like this film, I like seeing how Laurie is doing and what she has been up to. And while it would have been cool to have a scene that tied 4, 5 and 6 into this, I am ok with this being the third part of a separate trilogy which includes 1, 2 and H20. Good film with some genuinely good moments.

  2. Michal gets killed by a girl THATS AWESOME. It also makes michal myers kinda stupid

  3. Ive seen a lot of scary movies and the halloween series is one of them but in alot of them you can tell where mike will pop up or whos going to die.