Buried Alive! Film Festival 2011 Day 2 Part 1

By Brett Mullins

We piled back in to the Plaza Theatre for Day 2 of the Buried Alive! Film Festival, beginning with a previously unannounced trailer for Ryan Lieske’s fantasy feature The DwarfHammer. This was followed by a selection of six shorts chosen the Festival’s Program Director, Phillip Nutman, entitled “Nutman’s Nightmares.

First Glimpse: The DwarfHammer
"The DwarfHammer is a fantasy tale from Indie director Ryan Lieske. This film contains an interesting mix of live action and animation to create a flowy, stylistic atmosphere that looks like the world of Azeroth on acid."
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Nutman's Nightmares

The Other Half 
"The disturbing nature of this film shattered the expectations set by the opening scenes of this 17 minute short. What began as crude reminiscing has diminished into chaos that will truly move the audience." 17 Min. 2009
Rating: 7/10
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Emergency Preparedness
"It’s the end of the world, and one man has prepared his modest sized home with an assortment of projectile weapons rigged to the opening of doors from the outside. It’s not quite clear who or what the enemy is; however, they will soon wish they did not step foot into this home." 9 Min. 2006
Rating: 4/10
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Hell Week
"At times, university life can be no fun: if it’s not papers and exams, it’s overly cruel hazing from fraternity brothers. As we can learn from Hell Week, angry, conspiring sorority girls can be no fun either." 13 Min. 2011
Rating: 4/10
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First Glimpse: Borley Rectory
"The Borley Rectory is a found footage short themed to be as though the film was shot in the late 1920s...Though it does not reveal much of the film itself, it does detail an interesting idea and promises some scares." 
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Down to Sleep
"Jessica is a melancholy teenager who works at an exotic pet shop and cares for her terminally ill father. With her father’s impending death and disconnection with her older sister, she is perplexed by the idea of death...This elements manifest to form a disturbing tale that takes quite some time to get going."40 Min. 2011
Rating: 5/10
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Our account of the second half of Day 2 from the Buried Alive! Film Festival will follow shortly!

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