By Brett Mullins

Released: 2009

Written and Directed by Kevin Strange

CockHammer is a low budget film from writer/director Kevin Strange. This twisted tale features a slew of the most vulgar characters in cinematic history. They are accompanied by a story that’s been bathed in depravity, yet is somewhat refreshing when compared to the cliched horror genre of today.

A deranged pornboss, Cockhammer, aspires to ascend this world and transform into a god to rule a metaphysical realm of sickness. To do so, he calls upon the dark magic from the Diary of the Black Mage, which requires him to sacrifice several women. His next abductees are the girlfriends of Terrance and Perander, two hypersexual, drug addicted losers. After some time passes, the duo go in search of their missing mates and encounter the forces of darkness.

As one will discover during the opening scene of CockHammer, this film is very low budget, and it doesn’t feature the best cinematography. For the most part, the dialogue is neanderthalish and quite repetitive. At times, the special effects border on completely silly. It would appear that this film is lucky to make it to the bargain bin; however, CockHammer has a certain charm as it dares to be different.

The redeeming qualities of the film revolve around the characters and plot. At first glance, it appears that these roles are crafted straight from the cookie cuter; however, in retrospect, most characters were fairly well developed and clearly defined to the audience. Following suit, the storyline is vastly more complex than it appears at surface level. Each pair has a unique subplot and agenda. This was only recognized when I attempted to provide the above synopsis.

This film is certainly not for the weak at heart or those offended easily. The prescriptions against the content of the film, found on a number of other sites, are for the most part true. This is to say that would more than likely condemn this film to hell! CockHammer is a raw, unrefined attempt to make a different type of horror film, and even the most conservative moviegoer can respect that.

Rating: 5/10

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