Apollo 18

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2011

Directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego; Written by Brian Miller and Cory Goodman

At some point, everyone has heard some guy attempt to legitimately discuss why the ‘government’ covered up and faked the moon landings. The mystique of this lunar event continues to attract more and more people to consider this idea, which is the grounds on which Apollo 18 is made.

In coordination with the Department of Defense, NASA secretly takes one more trip to the moon to plant listening devices that function as a warning system against a Soviet attack. When the astronauts land on the lunar surface, they find that something is very wrong.

This film is expertly crafted to appear as though it is archival footage; the film is grainy, unbalanced and cuts out from time to time. The film style is reminiscent of a stylized adaptation of Paranormal Activity, mixing stationary cameras with the occasional POV angle. The film established a desolate tone early and sets the mood for misfortune and mystery to befall the astronauts.

As well made as the film looks, its script is hardly as impressive. The story is rather weak and puts a drain on the audience, because we are given little to no back story. It appears that the filmmakers chose to force the audience to assume basically every event in the film to be plausible, without any explanation in most cases.

Though the story is infuriating, the film is enjoyable to watch. It is able to easily build tension and convey a sense of claustrophobia and impending doom to the audience.

If Apollo 18 was any less than great in the visual department, it would rate much lower; however, it is worth the watch to see an interesting take on the Found Footage genre.

Rating: 5/10


  1. It didn't look very appealing, and the trailers didn't capture my interest.

  2. I already wasn't a big fan of paranormal activity. well, I'm glad it has its merits.

  3. lol wasnt expecting anything much :P

  4. I think that movies like Paranormal Activity are sooo overrated, but good work

  5. Damn, I was hoping this was good

  6. Awesome review! Love your writing style! Keep up the good work!