Saw II

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2005

Directed by Darren Bousman

Saw II
retains much of the mythology of the original while increasing the pace and greatly expanding upon the characters.

Fans of the first film know that it’s not feasible to give an accurate description of what is occurring in the film without letting loose a twist that could ruin the ending. With that in mind, the second installment in the franchise features eight individuals in a trap ridden house. One of them is the son of Detective Matthews, who is interrogating Jigsaw to find the whereabouts of the house.

Tobin Bell’s performance as disturbingly rational Jigsaw is the most intriguing element of the film. Jigsaw’s motives are defined, and the audience can begin to relate to his character. This allows his character to move from the ambiguous mastermind of the first film to an icon of the series and the horror genre as a whole.

This film proves to be just as clever as the original, despite the many plot holes and inconsistencies attributed to the film by certain critics. When discussing this series, it can be said that if a topic is not addressed in a particular film, it was done so on purpose. A hallmark of the series has been its stress on closure, an element that appears to have moved away from modern psychological thrillers.

Saw II is gory, interesting and full of twists and turns; everything an excellent horror film should contain. If a film’s tag line is “Oh yes. There will be blood.” you know you’ve stumbled onto something worth watching.

Rating: 8/10

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