Cry Baby Lane

By Cal Wayne

This is not your stereotypical Disturbing Films review; this is something special that I wanted to share with a community of fellow horror enthusiasts.

On October 28th of the year 2000, Nickelodeon released a made for television horror movie named Cry Baby Lane. The movie has only aired once and has since been disowned by the network. It has faded into almost complete obscurity since it's original release.

I cannot review this movie, because I have never seen this movie, and I'm sure there are few that have and even fewer that can remember it in detail. I stumbled upon this on Reddit, and I thought it was pretty fascinating; this isn't a 'creepypasta' or anything. This is a documented film that was deemed to be legitimately too disturbing for kids after mass-complaints by concerned parents soon after it's release. The film had made a goal of imitating Nickelodeon's successful Are You Afraid of The Dark series, which I personally thought had a few episodes that were legitimately creepy.

Directed by Peter Lauer, Cry Baby Lane follows the story of Andrew and his younger brother Carl, who both love the ghost stories told by the local Undertaker. One night the Undertaker tells them the tale of an old farmer who fathered Siamese twins, one being good in nature, while the other is evil. Ashamed of them, his father kept them locked away in their room, until they eventually died. The farmer then sawed the two girls in two, and buried the good twin in the local cemetery, and the evil twin in a shallow grave near his home. Andrew and his brother, fascinated in the tale, decide to hold a séance for the good twin, but mistakenly awake the evil twin, who begins to possess everyone in town, leaving only Carl to stop her.

An interesting plot, but it's as much about the movie as you'll hear. Aside from a few clips of the movie that can be found on YouTube, no one has come forward with a copy of the movie, and because Nickelodeon has and will never release it to the public; the movie is officially unavailable.

I'm not claiming that this movie would even be particularly scary, but it does raise a certain level of curiosity. I personally am extremely interested in locating a copy (if any exist) of Cry Baby Lane, if anyone else knows anything of interest regarding this movie, please comment below.

Editor's note: This film has amassed a large following seeking its release. Here is a website dedicated to obtaining a copy of the film: The Hunt for Cry Baby Lane.

This article was followed up with a post containing the embedded YouTube video. Enjoy!


  1. I kind of want to see this now. Never even heard of it. Nickelodeon used to be awesome.

  2. It has surfaced. I just finished watching it with the rest of /x/. I know the link looks like bull, but if you want to watch it, the only current link available is here:

  3. is this safe for my computer, so interested but my antivirus software is lighting up!

  4. @Anonymous

    This has yet to verified; however, I don't believe this to be true. If /x/ was watching, then the reddit community would have known by now.

  5. It's been streamed numerous times on /x/ since last night. The above link is real. Here is a more confidence inspiring link (with better dl speeds), now that I have it uploaded myself.

  6. Thanks FreeAgent! The film has also been uploaded to Youtube. We've made a new post with the video embedded. Our review is coming soon!

  7. Video has surfaced on YouTube as well -

    Stumbled across this page looking for more information on why in the world this movie was banned.


    A month later, but it's also available at this link! I'm currently watching it with my friends and significant other now!

  9. On Monday(Halloween) Teen Nick is airing the movie. If you want to see, watch it then.

  10. On youtube look up xXsadbrokenwingsXx click on the video cry baby lane trailer (Link in description) And you can download it in Wmv form

    How do i know this.........
    Because im xXsadbrokenwingsXx Motha fucka lol

  11. Nice article you have here buddy. Also a quick thanks for referring to me! Couldn't have keep the blog going without everyone's hard work.

  12. Here is the movie on youtube:

    It's the one that aired on tv