Cry Baby Lane (Review)

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Today, a copy of Cry Baby Lane was posted to a Youtube account. I'm assuming this is from the Reddit user who claimed to have a copy. Thanks to everyone who kept up the popularity of this seemingly lost film for so long. Now, in all its glory, here is Cry Baby Lane!

By Cal Wayne

It's happened! After much anticipation, Cry Baby Lane has been released by an awesome Reddit user. I must admit, I probably got myself a little over-excited for the release of the once-lost movie. Was it a mistake to fool myself into thinking a made-for-television Nickelodeon movie could really be that terrifying? -Yes, yes it was. After one and a half views, I can give you the two logical reasons as to why Cry Baby Lane was never seen again.

1) Evangelicals bitchin' about the theme of possession

2) It sucks dick

Yes, if I was Nickelodeon, I would be ashamed too. This movie fails to scare, excite, or even make sense. From the terrible acting, to the terrible script, Cry Baby Lane fully deserved to be a lost movie, and for the sake of the mystery, I kind of hope it fades back into obscurity just to make the film interesting again. It's almost like finding out that Santa Clause IS real; he just really sucks at everything.

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