2010: Moby Dick

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2010

Directed by Trey Stokes; Screenplay by Paul Bales

There are several types of films: some are legitimately great films; some are just okay; and some are just plain miserable. There are films that are so bad that they’re good, and there are films that try to be bad so they can be good. 2010: Moby Dick belongs to the latter category.

Though you have probably already guessed, this is an Asylum film and, with this branding, comes many hallmarks of this production company, such as poor acting, CG, and production quality around the board. If this film is considered for what it is, the audience will find a generic retelling, of sorts, of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

For those who have read the novel, it is interesting to see how they have modernized the characters. With that being said, the characters in this adaptation are rather terrible and boring. Even worse, however, is that they are inconsistent. This is not meant in the traditional ‘screenwriter mishap’ sense; it is to say that one of the character’s voices drastically changes from one scene to the next with no explanation. One can do a great amount of harping about how bad this film actually is, but, then again, that was the point of the film: to be bad.

Once the audience has succumb to the fact that they are watching a terrible film, they can enjoy some of the funny scenes; though, they are few and far between. The ending seemed especially enjoyable, because it was completely absurd , and it was clear the credits were about to roll.

After the film has run its course, 2010: Moby Dick is one of those films that will make the audience question why they even turned it on to begin with.

Rating: 2/10

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