Summer's Blood

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2009

Directed by Lee Demarbre; Written by Sean Hogan and Christine Conradt

Summer’s Blood, better known as Summer’s Moon in the States, is a Canadian thriller that follows a girl searching for her father as she is seduced and held captive by a disturbed family. Though this description appears to be a bit cliche, it is far from that; she is kept in the basement, chained to a mound of dirt and referred to as the latest edition to the son’s human garden.

This film stars Ashley Greene and garnered much attention from her role as Alice in the Twilight franchise. In a way, this film shares certain elements with the Twilight films in the relationship between Summer (Ashley Greene) and the son, who vows to protect her. In addition to this, there are some parallels between the relationships of Summer and the son and the mother and father. This results in a few cringing moments of incestual relations.

Besides a few little elements, this film does not have much going for it. The characters are often short lived and not adequately explored, the acting is painful at times and the film doesn’t appear to have a clear direction. This resulted in me being quite upset with director Lee Demarbre until I learned that he also directed Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. This revelation immediately threw the entire film into question as it may have possibly been a satire of this genre of film.

That considered, Summer’s Blood still manages to be a disappointing film that will leave the audience attempting to understand what happened.

Rating: 4/10

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