By Brett Mullins

Released: 2007

Directed by Patricia Harrington; Written by Jack Monroe and Matt Holly

It goes without saying that audiences often do not expect much from cheesy horror films other than a few chuckles at a poorly placed zinger or bad cinematography. While this is true, it does not excuse filmmakers from creating a boring and ineffective film. The Evil Dead trilogy may be silly and absurd, but it features elements of horror and comedy which effectively tie the film together. Unfortunately, Patricia Harrington’s Razortooth does not quite match up to Sam Raimi’s classics or even a film by The Asylum.

Razortooth is a monster film about a giant eel that terrorizes a town along a bayou. This particular species of eel can move along land and has an appetite that is more than appropriate for its size. As the attacks occur more frequently and with increasing destruction, the town bands together to send this creation to meet the reaper.

For lack of better words, this film is bad, really bad. The sub-par acting, semi-coherent logic and poor animation can all be looked past, to a degree; however, the tone of the film is the make or break element in most cases. There are several scenes in this film where the tone and pacing shifts drastically from one extreme emotion to the next. In doing so, the pacing comes to a complete halt as the tension and such starts to build from scratch. This single factor nearly makes the film unbearable.

On the bright side, the audience will recognize a familiar face in Josh Gad (The Rocker). It was quite the shock to see his face appear on screen, which prompted a bit of research into his career. 

Even in the market of bargain bin B-Movies, this film is less than average. I would only suggest it if it is followed up by Anaconda or some other decent serpent flick.

Rating: 2/10


  1. Well, if I ever somehow run across this, I'll avoid it.