The New Daughter

By Justin Hamelin

Released: 2009

Directed by Luiso Berdejo; Screenplay by John Travis

2009’s The New Daughter, directed by Luiso Berdejo, is a creepy story that centers around a recently divorced writer, John James (Kevin Costner), and his two children, Sam and Louisa.

When the emotionally torn trio move into a perfectly looking haunted house in the middle of the countryside of South Carolina, it doesn’t take long for occurrences to start piling up. An Indian burial mound is found on the property, and the angst ridden Louisa becomes infatuated with it. When noises in the woods and quick sightings of eerie creatures amongst the trees at night follow the grisly death of the family cat and the disappearance of a babysitter, it appears Costner’s character has plenty of ammo for a new best-seller. But first he must protect his children from the evil hidden inside the ancient burial mound, a relic that is hardly dormant.

For a film that got hardly any publicity from anyone besides the independent horror market, The New Daughter is certainly worth checking out.

With a solid back story based on Indian folklore, some legitimate spooky scenes and truly creepy creatures, The New Daughter isn’t your typical horror movie- there’s hardly any blood (save for the cat) and there is a good deal more time spent on the family’s strife rather than the things in the woods. But when things start to come out of the wood works (literally), the film plays on enough scare factors to be given a solid grade.

My Grade: 7/10

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