By Brett Mullins

Released: 1997

Directed by Vincenzo Natali; Written by Vincenzo Natali, André Bijelic and Graeme Manson

Seven strangers wake to find themselves inside a cube shaped room with six doors, one on each wall. Each door leads to a nearly identical room with five other doors. The rooms vary in being one of six colors. Quickly, the seven individuals realize that some of the rooms also contain deadly traps as they attempt to escape.

If you read the review and thought it came straight from the mind of Jig-Saw, you would be correct. Fortunately for Cube, however, it was released in 1997. This very original film swims amid a sea of uninspired ideas during the late ‘90s.

Cube is a clever, creepy film that associates itself more with the Sci-fi genre than the typical horror film. Unfortunately, it is quite limited in its cleverness and creepiness and leaves the audience wanting more. In this case, this is not best quality to have.

This film feels like Saw’s predecessor: an alpha release, if you will. The two films share many of the same qualities. The most prevalent of which being the exploration of the human psyche and group dynamic when put in seemingly inescapable situations. As the group continually fail to escape, their tensions escalate and the characters begin to bicker among themselves.

is a decent, original film that falls short of being excellent. It is entertaining and keeps the tension flowing fairly well, especially for a Sci-fi film.

Rating: 6/10


  1. I loved this movie, flipped my brain a few times over....

  2. You should watch Cube2 then. Way better, more complex!