Blood Creek

By Justin Hamelin

Released: 2009

Director Joel Schumacher delves into the occult this time around and, yet again, he proves why he is considered one of the better directors in Hollywood.

Blood Creek centers around two brothers who are fighting not only for their lives, but also to relieve a rural town in West Virginia, as well as possibly the world, from an unspeakable evil.

The film begins in 1936, where a German family, by the name of the Wollners,  is contacted by the Third Reich to provide food and board to a visiting scholar by the name of Professor Richard Wirth.

In dire financial straits, the family decides to accept the highly touted German into their home. Honestly, who says no to the Third Reich in 1936?

Wirth, played by Michael Fassbender (who will be playing Magneto in the upcoming X-Men: First Class) is equal parts charming, ominous and maniacal in his passion for the occult and determination to completely understand the powers of Nordic runic stones, one of which is in the Wollner’s barn foundation.

Wirth displays the ability to briefly bring a dead bird back to life upon his arrival to the Wollner’s daughter, and from that moment on, Wirth is officially one bad dude.

Fast forward seventy-one years and we meet the Marshall Brothers- Evan, a paramedic who is still struggling with the disappearance of of his older brother two years earlier, and Victor, the older brother who survived a tour of Iraq but vanished in the woods during a fishing trip with his little brother.

When Victor reappears one night fearing for his life and instructing Evan to load up all the ammo he can get his hands on, the older brother makes no promise that either of them will return alive. The brothers head to an old farm that is inhabited by a familiar family as well as an evil beyond this world.

Built off of the propaganda that Hitler and the Third Reich were fiercely determined to explore the black arts of the occult while attempting to overrun the world in the late ‘30s, Blood Creek is a very entertaining suspense film with a few good bloody scenes.

Rating: 7/10


  1. Oh, I can tell your blog is going to be one of my favorites. I live for horror films.

  2. I agree with Makel haha, pretty nice review, i'll look up for that movie, I love nazi-related movies, make a Død Snø review!!

  3. @Daily Tips! Here is our review of Død Snø:

  4. I saw this on netflix. I assumed it would suck... now I'll have to watch it.