Zombies and Cigarettes

By Brett Mullins

Released: 2009

Zombies and Cigarettes is a Spanish zombie short film that is surprisingly clean cut for an independent production.

The film begins as our protagonist, Xavi, selects a flavour of ice cream from a vendor amid a large mall. He bumps into Carol, a girl he is obviously attracted to, and attempts to have conversation. Stumbling with both his words and his actions, he crashes into a delivery of perfume as Carol quickly slips away. As he tries to clean up this mess, a body hits the ground next to him from the balcony above. The zombies quickly storm the mall. Xavi finds shelter with Carol as they attempt to escape from this seeming apocalypse.

This film is well acted and features a high production value in regards to both effects and film style. The zombies appear ferocious and terrifying which gives the film a bit of creditability. The main character is rather easy to relate to because of his lack of confidence and introversion. The film also boasts an refreshing characteristic in that being bitten by a zombie doesn’t turn one into a zombie.

The film suffers from a few slight logical problems, such as its title, Zombies and Cigarettes. While both of these are featured throughout the film, I am lost on if the film was attempting to make a statement regarding smoking. Also, it becomes evident that perfume has a bit of an adverse effect on the zombies, which isn’t exactly logical or is adequately explored. We are just told that it happens.

Zombies and Cigarettes isn’t a bad film; however, it is not great by any means. This film is bloody, suspenseful and tense all packaged into 17 minutes.

Rating: 5/10