Trick 'r Treat

By Cal Wayne

Released: 2007

Trick 'r Treat is cool little horror flick written and directed by Michael Dougherty. The movie presents you with four separate-but intertwined- tales of horror that all take place on one Halloween night. If you remember Creepshow from back in the 80's, well, this is basically a more modern version of that. Fun, fun, fun!

Well, I must say that the tales written for Trick 'r Treat are spectacularly original and an overall enjoyable ride. Nothing is overly scary, but everything has it's place. It's not undercooked or over done, and, with short films (82 min) in particular, this can be very important." There's a lot that can be said about a film that puts everything on the surface without further analysis, and the first thing is that they are much easier for simpletons like me to watch. Unrelenting, simple, original horror is what Trick 'r Treat has to offer, and it's contents are easily accepted as good old Halloween fun.

Don't expect any character development; you learn everything you need to know about everyone within the first 15 minutes of the film. The visuals are great, and the directing for a film such as this is superb. Take Trick 'r Treat for what it is; you won't find a masterpiece, but you will find a fun--and mildly scary--ride. Lastly, Trick 'r Treat has a moral to it's story, and I believe it's one we should live by everyday, and that is: "If you don't respect the traditions of Halloween, you are going to die".

Rating: 5/10


  1. Hmm not really that interested, but who knows - maybe i'll like it? Thanks for the review anyway, appreciate it!

  2. so low rating :/ 7/10 for meh