Jeepers Creepers

By Cal Wayne

Released: 2001

I love movies. Love 'em. I have seen countless movies, with more potential than I can even comprehend, that proceed to shit all over themselves. One example would be The Village; I mean, come on, if the movie's just about a bunch of creepy monsters terrorizing a town from the 1700's, well hell, that's pretty scary. Of course M. Night Shyamalan has to shit all over it because all of his films must have his patented twists. I'm getting off topic, but this is, in a nutshell, how I feel about Jeepers Creepers.

There is a little bit of wiggle room (so it seems) in the film industry as to what will and what won't send a flaming sword right through your films torso. Somewhere in between begging for the audiences money and avoiding being eaten by the critics, art happens; where and how it happens is what will make the film The Village, or make it The Empire Strikes Back, you dig? I think the first half hour of Jeepers Creepers is genuinely scary. The old church stuffed with dead people, the rusty old van that goes 200 miles per hour, and the creepy murdery lookin' fellow with the cool hat all kept me on my toes.

Of course, we know all that shines is not gold, and, while Jeepers shined like stars under the ground for a solid half hour, it quickly started to implode on itself after a very intense and satisfying beginning. It's where the art happens, or failed to happen. We find ourselves in similar surroundings for the remainder of the film with characters that are largely monotone, and then we see the monster for what it is -some kind of bat-human thing. It's the classic tale of a film whose plot develops fairly well, gives us a few good scares, and then actually loses the original spark by refusing to offer us anything new or interesting. It's as if the mystery, the mystic, if you will, kept this film rolling for as long as it could, but it just couldn't last, and this becomes painfully obvious later in the film.

I'm not claiming that Jeepers Creepers is a particularly bad movie, just disappointing. The acting is about what you would expect for this kind of movie. It has no major theatrical flaws; it just is what it is. It came off as a decent scare flick to possibly watch with your significant other. It's hard to watch a movie with such promise die and only leave behind pieces of what doesn't matter anymore.

Rating: 5/10

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