First Glimpse: Grave Encounters

Release Date: TBA

Grave Encounters is a lost footage film about a ghost hunting reality show that investigates an abandoned psychiatric hospital. As a parody of actual reality shows of this genre, the cast lock themselves inside for the night where they become trapped and haunted by the ghosts of former patients.

This film looks to capitalize on the paranormal take on the lost footage genre popularized by 2007’s Paranormal Activity. By the looks of the trailer, this film will be much more entertaining, especially considering it appears to be more of a suspense film. One scene, in particular, with the girl screaming in the corner, rivals the closet scene from The Ring in terms of employing bodily distortion to terrify the audience.

Directed by 'The Vicious Brothers,' this film is slated for a 2011 release. It is rumored to premier around early October.