First Glimpse: 0000

Release Date: TBA

Directed by Eddie Alcazar

It's rather difficult to obtain exactly what is occurring in 0000 from the footage released thus far. It appears as though the film will take a trip down of the rabbit hole of consciousness, collective consciousness and social revolution. It is a dark, gritty and emotional film, reminiscent of A Beautiful Mind in that regard. 

I have been anxiously following this film since its inception and am only slightly disappointed by the amount of ambiguity in the trailer below. That aside, this film looks as though it will be both an amazing experience, and a philosophical journey. It is also worth noting that I am slightly reminded of director Spike Lee from the trailer; though it's probably only the 'black rimmed' glasses on the kid.


0000 The Movie (Official Teaser - Present) from 0000 0000 on Vimeo.

By Brett Mullins


  1. Great movie! Come check me out,