A Serbian Film

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Original Title:  Srpski film/Српски филм

A Serbian Film is often regarded as the most disturbing film ever produced, and it’s easily atop its class within the past two decades. This is not to say, however, that this film isn’t deserving of being viewed by the masses.

The film tells the story of a ‘down on his luck’ retired porn star who wishes to lead a normal life with his family. Unfortunately, the world requires money for a family to survive, so he agrees to participate in a “art” film that will ensure his family’s financial security for quite some time. He dives into this project, without knowing the script, and finds himself amidst the creation of a pornographic snuff film.

The film contains a number of graphic vulgar imagery that overwhelms the audience; including those who consider themselves to be desensitized. While the film is, without doubt, graphic, the disturbing nature of the plot combined with the chaotic style of filming amplify the violence to forge a visceral experience for the audience.

Beneath the surface, this film is much more than the ‘run of the mill’ gore horror experience. Looking past the violence, the audience is able to derive a commentary on the atmosphere of modern day Serbia, which would be quite the unfortunate place to live. Much of the violence is employed to bring the issues, presented within the film, to light, much like the majority of controversial message driven films.

The performances of Srdjan Todorovic and Jelena Gavrilovic are superb; their dynamic as a couple functions to build an emotional connection that pulls the audience into the film. The onscreen chemistry is one which is not often replicated in the entirety of cinema, much less the horror genre.

Those who can make it through the graphic images will not be disappointed in any regard. The conclusion of the film leaves the audience with a plethora of emotions: from depression to anger. This film is worth viewing, if only once, just so you can tell the tale.

Rating: 7/10


  1. Sounds intense. I'll have to give it a look.

  2. looks great, i may have to procure this

  3. i will bring it because it looks nice,your blog is very interesting i liked "saw",followed.

  4. I loved this movie. Not the easiest film to watch but I found this to be an almost masterpiece. Great Review.

  5. I would never recommend this film to anyone! It's not the brutally, it's not really that much of a Horror. There is one scene that I wouldn't want anyone to ever see. I don'T understand how anyone would even think of something so wrong. It's simply disgusting and disturbing! Sure this is now on the cut version, watch that if you want to see it.